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How To Save A Contact On Your Mobile Phone As An Emergency Number On Your Phone.

How To Save A Contact On Your Mobile Phone As An Emergency Number On Your Phone.

Mobile phone has really made life simple these days as compared to the olden days where distance communication was a problem. But today one can stand or sit in his or her comfortable zone and communicate with family and friends around the globe.

Keep on reading this article because I am going to hammer on some punch line that will help you save a contact as emergency number but before that make sure you will follow this blog for more updates like this and many more by tapping on the the plus follow button at the far top right corner of this post.

To save a contact on your mobile phone as emergency number is very essential to all mobile phone users because it gives you access to make call should in case the phone is locked. It is never possible to make calls when the phone is locked but with this punch line am going to show you will help you make calls even when the phone is locked and not be open again.

To save a contact as emergency number on your mobile phone follow the tips below;

✓. Tap on the emergency button beneath the pattern area when the phone is locked.

✓. A new dial pad will be displayed on the phone's screen.

✓. Double tap on the emergency information from the new dial pad.

✓. A new window will be displayed, tap on the pencil like icon. This you will be required to open the phone lock just to verify that you are the true owner of the phone.

✓. After you have open the phone lock, a new window will also showed up. On the new page you will see emergency contact, tap on the "add contact". From here you can as many contact you want to save as emergency numbers on your phone.

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