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Telegram Now Allows Group Calls To Include Video Chat. See How.

Are you sick of Telegram voice chats? Instead, as part of its most recent update, you may now video chat with groups of people on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The new function is found under Voice Chat. A camera symbol will now appear every time you start a voice chat room. To enable your video, simply press it.

You can make a video fullscreen and pin a certain individual to the call center, just as you can with other video conferencing programs like Zoom and others. When someone joins the call, it will remain focused on the topic.

While there is no limit on the number of persons who can join a phone chat, video chats are limited to the first 30 people that join the call. However, Telegram claims that this is a temporary limit that will be increased in the future.

Telegram now allows you to share your screen as well. You can switch back and forth between your camera and the microphone while recording video.

Telegram has also improved noise reduction in voice chats to go along with these new features. It'll assist keep your audio clear for everyone if you're on a call in a noisy environment. You may now manually switch this function on and off via your Settings, thanks to the addition of a new toggle.

Because there's more screen room to work with on tablets and PCs, the company included a few more video chat options.

There's a side panel on both devices that opens up to a split-screen view when utilizing them. From there, you may view a grid of those who are on video as well as a list of call participants.

Telegram also announced a few features that are only available in the desktop app.

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