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Stop wasting money on flashing phones:- See how to unlock any phone including iPhones by yourself

Flashing a phone simply means to clear everything from it or to reset everything from it including passwords, apps, musics, videos, flies and absolutely everything. Before one can flash a phone, the phone must be unlocked.

The reset is located in settings. But in some cases the phone is locked and you still want to flash the phone to remove or clear the password in order to have complete access to the phone.

People then go to stores and phone repairs shops to flash the phone or unlock and they are charged for that thus wasting money, but no more. In this article, I am to show you how to unlock any phone including iPhone by yourself.

Let's start with android phones, to flash an android phone to clear the password, press and hold the volume up button of the phone together with the power button simultaneously.

This should be done after the phone has been switched off. The recovery mode will display on your screen and using the volume down button, move to wipe data or factory reset and click on it by using the power button.

The process will take about less than 5 minutes and the phone will be reset clearing the password and all other things on the phone. You then set up your device and you are through with it.

Finally, to reset or erase the password and any other things on an iPhone, make sure the phone is switched or turned off. Press the sleep or wake button which is also known as the power button and the home button simultaneously or at the same time.

Don't release your fingers until the apple recovery mode pops up. Do the needful as we did for the other and you are done. So, don't waste money flashing or unlocking phones, do it by yourself and save money.

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