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Major things to look out for when buying a smartphone.

For every smartphone lover when buying a smartphone, it can be a very daring task. Considering the number of smartphone brands available In the market currently ,which comes with good specs, very affordable and sometimes Goodwill. It's no big deal that when anyone wants to buy a phone there are major features that everyone looks out for depending on every individual. Fact is sometimes these things are not as easy as it seems. As a tech nerd and most importantly a smartphone lover, I took my time to do the work for you. Below are professionally outline features every sane person should look out for, when you want to buy your good, durable, very compatible but affordable phone.

1 Screen Quality and size.

Phone screens have become bigger as years go by, from the 1.5" screens to the 5"+ and 6"+ screens we see today. It only mean one thing . Before 2011, nearly every phone on the market measured between 2.5 and 4 inches. Since 2013, sub-4-inch phones have nearly disappeared. This graph paints a vivid picture, Good graphics,bigger text sizes etc.

2. RAM and ROM.

What is RAM?

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a storage used for a place to hold data. If your mobile device or tablet has a small amount of RAM, you may find that it will start to slow down when you have opened and used lots of different applications at the same time, bigger RAM means your phone's speed will be good.

ROM (Read-Only Memory)

ROM is a form of data storage. This type of memory keeps the saved data even if the device power is off. The data on the ROM can be loaded into the RAM if needed.

The word Read-Only signify it as "read-only memory", since the reprogramming process is generally infrequent, comparatively slow, and often does not permit random access writes to individual memory locations. This is what all your phone documents, pictures , Video etc are saved on. It means the bigger it is , the bigger space you get on your device.

3 Network.

A cellular network or mobile network is a communication network where the last link is wireless. The network is distributed over land areas called "cells", each served by at least one fixed-location transceiver, but more normally, three cell sites or base transceiver stations. These base stations provide the cell with the network coverage which can be used for transmission of voice, data, and other types of content. Network has improved over the years, from our 2G to 3G to 4G and the 5G which was recently launched. Every smartphone user needs a good network connectivity for that smartphone experience.

4. Battery Capacity.

Undisputably, the phone ability to work depends on the battery, Everyone knows the battery Powers the phone. As Smartphones are getting hyper, there's the need for a bigger battery , the bigger the battery the longer it can power your phone before running down. When buying a smartphone, it's one of the major things to look for.

5 Camera Quality.

The camera of the phone is one of the key features as well, from taking pictures and videos to scanning documents etc, But the quality is more important here, a good smartphone must have at least 13 megapixel main camera and beyond .

6 CPU .

Your smartphone processor, also known as chipset, is a component that controls everything going on in your smartphone and ensures it functions correctly. You can compare it to the brain of the human body. Every action you perform on your smartphone goes straight to the processor. These actions are then converted to visual changes on your screen, and all of this happens in a split second , Higher processor means High performance.

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