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Do these things quickly if your phone falls in water

Phones are gadgets we use in our daily lives. They help us a lot in our daily lives, businesses and many more. When these phones get spoilt they can make people waste a lot of money to fix it because of the love they have for it or maybe if they can't afford another phone. Sometimes when our phones fall in water, we get so sad and do not know what to do. Below are five things to do if your phone falls in water.

1.Switch it off and remove the battery.

In this case, switch your phone off and remove the battery from the phone if the battery is inbuilt. Leave the back uncovered and allow air to pass through. If your phone's battery is inbuilt, just open the back and leave it.

2. Do not insert your charger.

If you've been caught up in this situation, do not insert a charger into the phone as it can cause the battery to bloat and and also cause the phone to explode. Inserting a charger can also cause other problems to the phone.

3. Get something to blow air through it.

A blower would be best for this action. Getting air through will help the water dry out fast. Make sure you get air to pass through the speaker holes and all other holes you can find on the phone's hardware.

4.Do not connect any accessory to the phone.

Do not connect accessories like earpiece and OTG to the phone because this can harm the phone. Other loses can be made if you don't heed to this.

5.Switch on the phone and check if everything is good.

At this point, switch on the phone and check if everything is good. You can test your sound, screen etc. if everything is good then you're good to use the phone. If everything is not fine then restart the process.

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