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10 Online Business You Can Start Earn From 200-300 Cedis With Your Smart Phone And Laptop.


1. work online at,,, as well as LinkedIn, Instagram etc, are good places to get clients. You can visit local businesses offline and strike a deal.

2. Translation

if you are a bilingual or multilingual, then this is for you. The world is becoming a global village, but language remains a barrier especially when it comes to writing. If you are fluent in English and French, for example, you will find a job that need your services. You may even find work that require translation into or from your local dialect. But if you are not fluent in another language, there are online tools like Google translate, which can help you translate words in the world's major languages. online freelancing sites like, etc are good places to find translation jobs.

3. Tutorials

The coronavirus pandemic has seen to it that all school remain closed. This has given rise to a need for private tutors. Smart educators are organizing online classes for school children and parents are willing to pay. platform like private Facebook groups, Whatsapp groups, etc get you started. Also, as the lockdown restrictions are getting relaxed, some parents may allow for one-on-one home private lessons for their children.

4. Event planning

As the lockdown restrictions are being relaxed, and events like weddings, burials etc start springing up again, you can key into this. Your work is to organize what will be needed in the event: venue, refreshment etc. The celebrant will give you the money you need to organize these things and pay for your services.

5. Web Development

If you are skill in website development, they you may consider giving this a shot. Individuals, small and large scale businesses are all in need of websites, why not offer your services to them and get paid for it. You can find web development jobs both online and offline.

6.Tester Or Reviewer

Companies pay individuals to test and write reviews on their products. If you have a blog, website or verified social media accounts, you can write these reviews and publicize them on these platform.

7. Business plan Designer

If you can write or design great business plans or proposals, then you should consider this business idea. You can write a a business plan and sell it to others as well as get paid by others to write or design business plans for them.

8. Editorial and proofreading services

This business idea is closely related to freelance writing. If you have a knack for detail and if English or other language is your forte, then you should consider offering editorial and proofreading services in that language. As an editor or proofreader, your job is to make sure that written words are grammatically, structurally, typographically, and lexically fit for publication. You can find editing and proofreading jobs both online and offline.

9. Online photo selling

If you have a good camera or a good smart phone and you know how to capture great shots of nature, tourist attractions etc, you can actually sell these photos online on websites like

10. Graphic Design

This is a very lucrative venture which you can undertake both online and offline. If you already have good graphics design skills, a personal computer, or a smart phone, then you are good to go. You can subscribe for data and find work online.

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