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Are these Mermaids or real fishes?

We get foods, drugs, minerals, and energy resources from the ocean. Furthermore, it strengthens our nation's economy, acts as a highway for goods and people movement, and contributes to national security. Humans have a number of effects on the ocean. What is taken out of and placed into the ocean is influenced by rules, legislation, and resource management.

Commercial fishermen have greatly increased their ability to capture fish, navigate ocean waters, and travel greater distances as a result of technological advancements, and some can now process and freeze their catch aboard.

According to study, new technologies are allowing for unsustainable levels of fish exploitation. What exactly does this imply? There are too many boats fishing too few fish, even with more powerful capture technology. Fish are being taken at a pace that is outpacing the ability of fish stocks to reproduce, resulting in unsustainable populations.

Growing demand and declining supply result in serious issues such as environmental degradation, unsustainable catches, and economic distress for an increasing number of people and large segments of the fishing industry.

Well, these fishermen in Gambia at the Palma Rima Beach made a huge catch today, much to the surprise of many. With the fish population dwindling, it was nearly impossible to catch such large fishes. They proudly showed their catch to illustrate how fun the day had been. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

When this fishes hit the media, all that people have been asking is that are these fishes mermaids or real fishes.

So what do you also think they are?

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