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9 Secret WhatsApp Tricks You Should Try

The temporal shutdown of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram has really shown how important these three social media handles are important to most people. WhatsApp especially, has proven to be a very useful app not just for individuals but also for businesses and corporate entities.

WhatsApp however has some features that a lot of people do not know about. In this article, some secret tricks or features of WhatsApp have been revealed and it will just amaze you.

1. Changing of font

Did you know you can change the font in your WhatsApp chat while you type your message? Simply use this symbol (`) three times at the beginning and end of any text you want to change its font. For example ```hello```. However, you need to note that the symbol is different from ( ' ). 

2. Font Styles

The next trick you can also do is changing or using different font styles. One can use (*) before and after texts to bold the text. Example, *hello*. Also, with italics, one can use the symbol (_) before and after texts to change to italics. Example, _hello_. Another trick you can use is the strike through which you will use the symbol (~) before and after texts you would like to cancel or strike through.

3. Muting group chats

If there are some groups who will simply not allow you to sleep, you can mute them. Just open the chat of that group, tap on the three dots at the far right corner and you will get some options. Just tap on mute and you will be given options as to when you will like to mute that group. Another option is to long press the chat page of that group and choose the mute button up there.

4. Adding dates to the Calendar

There might be some dates of events you surely do not want to miss and you can simply add such dates to your calendar in order to set a reminder. If you type a date in your WhatsApp chat or someone sends you a date, it will appear blue as a hyperlink. Click on this and you will be given options to save as event.

5. Add a personal chat link to your home screen

In fact, it’s inevitable that everyone has that one person he or she mostly chat with on Whatsapp. Sometimes, you may have a lot of chats on your WhatsApp screen you can’t always scroll through to find this person. You can bring that particular person’s chat onto your home screen in order to have quick access without opening the entire app. Just open the person’s chat and at the top right corner, tap on it and choose more and then choose add shortcut. You will have a short cut of the person’s chat on your home screen for quick access to the person’s chat.

6. Send a giant beating heart

Open a chat and go to emojis and just send a red heart alone♥️. It will turn into a giant heart❤️ to express your feelings for your loved ones.

7. Disable previews

There are some curious people who tend to pose their noses into who sent you a message and what was the message about. To prevent this previews from showing the content of your messages along with notifications, just go to settings on your WhatsApp and choose notification. Choose pop up notification and tap on the best option of your choice.

8. Find out the exact time someone read your message

To find out the exact time someone read your message, long press to select the message you would like to know about and tap on the three dots at the top right corner and select info. The exact time the message was delivered and the time it was read will be shown.

9. Star or save specific messages and read later.

If there are some messages either in group chat or individual chats which you would like to save and read later on, long press to select that particular message and tap on the three dots at the top corner. Select star and that particular message will be saved. If you want to view that message, go back to the general platform and select the three dots at the top right corner and select starred messages. The message you saved will be there.

Content created and supplied by: Cecey (via Opera News )

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