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Good new, 6 simple strategies to get millions of YouTube viewers, and subscribers

If you own a YouTube channel, you would know that the means of monetization is been place at an elevated height. It is generally known that one must get up to 10,000 views before you can turn on monetization on your YouTube channel.

This very act has made it very difficult for people who has an interest in making money through YouTube to achieve their goals, also, it has somehow, creates fear in the mind of many who desires to share videos on the YouTube platform, meanwhile, many are doing their best to achieve it.

There is good news for everyone who has a channel and those that is thinking of creating one. There are now strategies for getting many views on the go. All you need to do is to follow the steps that I will list out below.

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Without any further hesitation, I want to list out the simple strategies that would get you many views on your YouTube videos.

1. Compelling content is very important if you must get millions of viewers and subscribers. You need to create something capable of solving your visitor's needs as that would attract him most.

2. Creating a playlist for your YouTube videos is very important because it keeps your viewers watching your videos one after the other automatically.

3. you must enable embedding for your videos. This would give room for viewers to share your YouTube video successfully.

4. Understand the importance of YouTube watch time. If your video has a long watch time, YouTube can favor your channel. I hereby encourage you to extend your YouTube watch time to retain viewers.

5. Creating a compelling thumbnail is another important tool to engage your viewers. Make your thumbnail very catchy to the eye.

6. The last thing that I will explain here is that you should optimize your video title. Make sure you optimize your title so that when viewers search keywords related to your niche, your video would be visible.

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