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Stop Charging Your Phone at Night, Here's Why

One quick routine for your phone to be 100 percent charged before going to work in the morning is to put it on charge before you go to bed at night. But, no matter how convenient this is, it puts your mobile phone and its battery in danger. It is the number one cause of damaged phone batteries and the phone itself. The mobile phone may get damaged just within a year.

The mobile phone consist of a tv, a portable game console, an mp3 player and a notebook which is all built in one small package. Due to this, it requires a lot of energy from a good battery for its power to operate. However, leaving your battery on charge the entire night so it can last long throughout the next day is very risky and it damages the life span of the battery.

A lot of modern devices use lithium batteries and they are highly vulnerable with a lot of interactions to high voltage electricity. During the night, it is very possible for the occurrence of high voltage since people are asleep and a lot of electrical gadgets have been turned off. So imagine exposing your phone to high voltage through charging in the night for a year, it will put a lot of stress on the battery and it will get damage just in a month. What happens is that, you will charge the phone to 100 percent but the least activity on the phone will just drain off the energy to 5percent in a short time. The low capacity of your battery will eventually damage the phone in no time.

However, some manufacturers have tried to solve this issue by putting on some automatic plugs that stops the charging when the battery is full. But this does not solve the issue because, when the phone automatically stops charging and it goes down to 99 percent (99%), it charges again to 100 percent (100%). So in just one night, the phone goes from 99% to 100% and back to 99% and then 100% so many times which will damage the battery by reducing its capacity.

If you will notice, some mobile phone chargers are more expensive than others. The reason is that, some of the chargers have these special chips that prevents overcharging. So to avoid all these issues, its better to purchase such chargers to avoid spending money on new batteries and cell phones.

Another reason to stop charging your phones at night is some cables of phone chargers are very cheap and as a matter of fact, they are not compatible with the quick charging feature on most modern phones. These cheap cables may not be able to contain high voltages and may blown out batteries which will put your phone on fire for it to burn. 

Even with good or quality chargers, the 99% to 100% back and forth discharges will still occur and it will cause your phone to be heated. Heat is not good for batteries and so there’s a need to keep your phone at cool temperatures always. Charging your cell phone for long hours will cause heat to accumulate in the battery and the phone. This in no time will have effect on the screen of the phone and also reduces the life span of the phone.

To prevent all these, it is advisable to devise another method of charging your mobile phones instead of leaving them on charge for the entire night.

Content created and supplied by: Cecey (via Opera News )


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