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How To Retrieve Your Information On A Broken Sdcard.

Many people are baffled and puzzled on how to retrieve thier important information on thier broken memory . If you are a victim, then you are at the right place . It is just a simple trick which I have unravel below.

Let' s get started on how to get our broken SD card repaired and well for retrieving our information without wasting much time.

You will require the following items:

1. An AAA battery that is dead

2. Masking (transparent) tape

3. USB card reader

4. PC

5. And your broken Sdcard

Procedures : Remove the content of the AAA battery, there' s a jelly like liquid inside (Alkaline) (Alkaline). Use plastic or wooden stick to take the gel and apply it to the edges of the broken SD card.

Put the broken parts back and twist it together, then apply a little bit of masking tape at the front and back of the SD card. Note: Don' t apply too much of the tape which could prevent the SDcard from slotting in to the reader.

Immediately place the SDcard to the card reader and slot into your pc, wait a second the PC will detect your card. Before the alkaline liquid that connected the broken terminals disconnects, try as much as possible to copy your files within 30 seconds. And that's all.

Content created and supplied by: Larry-d-King (via Opera News )



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