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Good Old Days: 13 Games Ghanaians Enjoyed Back in the 90s. [Photos]

If you’re born in the 90s, you probably have the potential of playing either all or at least three of these games. They were full of thrills and fun. On Saturdays, after classes, we rush to the houses of our friends and play games. This was for both genders.

Those born in the 90s and late 80s had the opportunity to take advantage of technology. That was the time computer was taking over the interest of the young and games played major roles in keeping our attention on the ball. Again, games broaden the minds of those who patronized it a lot.

It built the strategy powers of the young as it took deep thinking and impressive use of the mental ability to be able to win a game. Although soccer was famous, Playstation gave us the ability to have all range and manner games.

Mortal Combat was fun because of the arcade fights and infectious laughs that came after victory. Road Rash was thrilling when you know the strategies to kick your opponent on the side to accelerate your chances of victory. Grand Theft was/is also a mind-blowing game with impressive stunts and achievements. We used to write the cheating codes in our notebooks for us to win each task because it was such a difficult mission for our young minds.

Which was your favourite?

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