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After A lady Mistakenly Sent GHS 7000 To The Wrong Person, Checkout The Funny Reply She Received.

Flaws are indeed inclusive of what defines us as human. No one is flawless, and we are all expected to make errors at some stage. The response a lady received after texting the fellow to whom she accidentally sent an amount of money to has sparked outrage on media platforms.

The lady claims to have mistakenly sent an amount of N450,000 (around GHS 7000 thus, GHS 6835.74) to a different individual chose to text the individual via Whatsapp chat. After introducing herself and mentioned her name as Mariam, she said further laid before the individual what she has done mistakenly.

Checkout the discussion beneath:

To her very big surprise, this was the above response she received. Though to the recipient, it might be quite rude and annoying, an individual outside might react differently.

Checkout these response from Netizens:

Time and time again, we are being advised to be very sure of the number and account name to which we send money to.

Be cautious even in this time, Thank You.

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