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Are you thinking of Creating A Website For Free? These are the steps with Free Hosting And Domain.

When we talk of a Web site, A website is a collection of linked web pages (plus their associated resources) that share a unique domain name. Each web page of a given website provides explicit links—most of the time in the form of clickable portion of text—that allow the user to move from one page of the website to another. It is created for many purpose and some main example of it's purpose is for Blogging and Marketing.

Creating a website for your own brand is very unique and important as it helps alot but it is something that people who are interested in Blogging and others who wants to sell or market thier products online find it difficult to create. IT professionals charge a huge sum of money before they create a website for you as that is their profession. Maybe you don’t have that ones to hire so all what you have to do is carefully read this article to master step by step on how to create a website with free Hosting and Domain using your smartphone or laptop. Requirements;

Smartphone or laptop/personal computer. Strong internet connection(at least 3G)

Getting Started

Do you know of this proverb from our elders; (We use meat to trap for meat) sounds funny right? those who knows about fishing using hook and line will understand this(Y3de nam na yi nam) the same philosophy over here as there are websites which you can use to create a website for free. These websites provides free domain names and aslo hosting services. Some provides infinity hosting plan for their users whiles others not. Below are some of the websites which provides free domain and hosting. *Profree host *Infinityfree *Wix. Now let dive into how to use this servers to create your own website.

I will use *Profree hosting in this lesson but the same procedures can be use for the others too. Visit the website and make sure to click or tap on register now and fill space with the required information. They will send you a confirmation email in you inbox. Visit your Gmail inbox and tap on activate account.

After, they will redirectyou to the websiteaccountfor new accounts creation. On the website, look for create new account. Scroll down to where they will ask you to type an attractive name for you website and after you have done it ,choose one free domain from the list shown and tap on the mark icon to continue. On the new page, look for manage and tap on it. This will take sma time for you account be activated. After that, try to fresh you page again.

Now we are going to create the main website using the control panel option they have shown on the hosting website. By doing this, tap on control panel and wait for small seconds for the redirecting. This will lead you to page with important notice on top, look down and tap on approve. You will see a big panel after the approval.

Now, this panel you see is the control panel which many people called it as cpanle. Take your time and scroll down. Look for Software and tap on softacolous app installer. What will appear are softwares which you will use to create your website in no time. So you have to choose one of them but I recommend you to use WordPress. Tap on it and scroll down small and tap on install. Now choose Installation URL you want your new site to be under Software setup. Under Site settings too, you can type a new name and description for you website.

Admin Account

This is very important space that you need to fill it carefully. If you lost that credentials then you can’t access your site again.

Final Setup

Scroll down and tap on install. Now you have get your website with free domain and unlimited hosting service fro free.

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