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Teachers Petition CHRAJ to Investigate the Procurement of 280,000 TMI Laptops at GHC1500 Each

Two teacher unions, Innovative Teachers and All Teachers Alliance Ghana, have petitioned the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to investigate the procurement of some 280,000 laptops for teachers of the Ghana Education Service.

In a letter addressed to the Commissioner of CHRAJ, the unions stated that the investigation has become necessary due to the price at which each computer is to be borne by the teacher and the taxpayer. The procurement of the 280,000 laptops ought to have resulted in a significant reduction in price per unit.

The letter stated that the cost per each laptop which is purported to be GH1500 is believed to have been inflated and a thorough investigation into the procurement will vindicate their stance. Given the specification and the huge number of laptops to be procured, the price per a laptop must not be more than GHC600.

The unions further added that private entities procure the same brand and specification of computers and get huge discounts, why should the prices be inflated when taxpayers money is involved?

The petition therefore is seeking that the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice demands answers from the Ministry of Education on this suspicion of inflated prices of the laptops.

The unions demand answers to some nineteen(19) questions and any other questions that CHRAJ may deem appropriate from the Ministry of Education. Some of these questions are;

1. What is the name of the IT Company or Consultants who worked on the procurement of the TMI computers?

2. Did the Ministry of Education contract a company or signed the contract directly with the manufacturer?

3. On which date was the tender invitation published and where are copies of tender invitation if it was done through competitive tendering?

4. What is the name of the company that won the contract and in which year was it incorporated?

5. In which country are the computers being manufactured?

6. Did a delegation of procurement experts from the Ministry of Education visited the company to conduct due diligence to ascertain the competence of the manufacturer?

7.What is the report of the delegation that visited the manufacturer if indeed they visited?

8. What is the track record of this manufacturer and how many years has the manufacturer been producing laptops?

Finally, the unions entreat CHRAJ to request from the Ministry of Education all documents concerning the procurement of theTMI laptops in accordance with the law.

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