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Meet the boy who made a phone that makes call without SIM card see other things he made

As of late youngsters of today are taking science and maths to the most elevated level through functional examinations and development in this manner propelling innovation in the African mainland attempting to find the western world who are far cutting edge as far as innovation. 

A youthful creative Namibian man from Oshikunde locale in the upper Namibia concocted a cell phone that doesn't need the utilization of a SIM card nor broadcast appointment. The youthful college graduate investigations software engineering in the college and is supposed to be enamored with innovation and stock. 

Simon Petrus utilized garbage material of other old supplies, for example, cell and landline telephones, TV motherboards, sound system tape magnets and different types of gear to make this Amam punch cell phone. 

The astounding piece of this cell phone is that it is a PDA telephone and henceforth can ride the net and settle on telephone decisions with no help from any transporter network supplier. 

Simon comes from a denied family yet has not let his family's circumstance to discourage him from Focusing on his abilities and objectives nor did he let it keep him from zeroing in on his investigations and viable abilities. 

In addition to the fact that it is a cell phone can increment or give network administrations in denied networks where network inclusion is frequently not at its best. 

Among different gifts he was granted, Simon was additionally given a grant to additional his schooling because of monetary troubles and might be useful to his country and the African country one day all in all.

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