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Is the Human Body a Machine?

What if I told you the human body is programmed like a machine?

There is a biological responsibility placed on all living organisms to reproduce. Plants, mammals even single cell organisms just to mention a few.

Every moment of an individual’s life leads to procreation.

Our senses and bodies function in a way to allow procreation to successfully take place. Are we all a bunch of walking biological codes waiting to be passed on?

The answer is a BIG yes.

As humans, we’ve all been programmed to pass on our genes to our children and future generations to come.

As boys reach certain stages in life, certain parts of their genes get activated. They grow taller and develop bigger voices as they become adults. These growth spurts and other characteristics is what makes them sexually mature and attractive to the opposite sex.

Girls experience these changes earlier than boys and are eager to be in a relationship in order to experience the “first kiss.” Girls at that stage begin to learn about a new world which raises their curiosity due to the increase in hormones.

The continuity of the human race depends on this self-replicating machinery which has proven to be very efficient since the dawn of the universe.

So back to the question. Is the human body really a machine?

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