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Notice from Nation Builders Corps(NABCO).

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The Nation Builders Corps is the full meaning of NABCO.

The Nation Builders Corps(NABCO) is a programme programme that was initiated by the government of Ghana to address graduate unemployment to solve social problems. This programme has helped a lot of graduates in the country.

Since this Nation Builders Corps programme was initiated, it has employed about one hundred thousand(100,000) graduates all over the country. There is a notice from the Management of the Nation Builders Corps.

According to the Management of the Nation Builders Corps, the unemployed graduates who want to be recruited into the Nation Builders Corps Programme can be recruited by visiting the NABCO site to enter their details. The details includes their personal details and uploading their certificates.

Management of NABCO also stated that, applicants are required to go through a validation process ahead of an interview to determine suitability for the module applied for.

Management of NABCO concluded by saying that, graduate who will get recruited into the Nation Builders Corps will be solving public service delivery in health, education, agriculture, technology, governance and drive revenue mobilization and collection.

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