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iphone 11 is the strongest phone ever than a cell phone. See reason why.

People prefer yam or cassava (cell phones) to touch (touch screened phones) because when the cell phone (yam) falls down, you can pick it with the phone having no cracks or breakages but when a touch screened phone falls down, the touch damages, black pixels will develop on the phone and many other damages. I will tell you in this article a phone that is stronger than even a cell phone (yam or cassava phone).

This strong and best phone is called Apple IPhone 11. If you do not know let me tell you that when your iPhone gets missing, you can trace it no matter where the phone is, even if it is buried under ground. This process can be done only by giving the police or the Apple IPhone store the necessary information about the phone. This process can be best done when you have an icloud account.

As we all know that, when there is a password on a phone including touch screened phones and cell phones, you can go and format it at any phone repairing shop. But when it comes to iPhone, you cannot format it in any way. Once there is a password on this phone that you cannot remember, the phone is condemned.

The strongest cell phone is the Nokia 3310 cell phone. An experiment was made to test the strength of these phones. Can you imagine what will happen when a car passes on a human? A car was brought and the Nokia 3310 was placed in front of the tyreand the car passed on it.The Nokia 3310 was totally damaged after the car passed on it, it had dead pixels filled on it and it didn't function.

The iPhone 11 was also placed in front of the tyreand the car passed on it.The phone worked perfectly well but there were cracks on the front and back of the phone. This shows how strong the phone is.

I recommend you to buy the iPhone 11 phone because it is very strong and has many advantages.

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