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I Was Dying To Have This Brilliant Technology Inventions That Could Change My Life.

After surfing through the internet, I will like to bring you these amazing technological inventions that can change your life as well as mine. New gadgets, devices and design solutions are becoming increasingly embedded in our daily lives, capable of making life more comfortable, easier and simple wherever we are and whatever we are doing, talking of cooking in the kitchen, washing in the bathroom, even when driving a car, riding a bicycle, charging our mobile phone, doing the secret recording and others. Now let set the ball rolling:

What do you see in the above image? That is a trafficator. I hope you agree with me that a trafficator is a blinking light on a motor vehicle that indicates the direction in which it is about to turn. Have you been wondering how it will be on a tricycle? Have you ever give a thought about a thing in your life before? I hope from the image above, you can perfectly point the direction that the rider is heading towards? That is because of the trafficator bag, this bag is connected to a button close to where the brake of the tricycle is. What you need to do is to press it anytime that you want to change your direction. Is it not amazing? Now welcome to my country where cars do not even have trafficators, how more than tricycles?

This is the technological invention that I am dying to get. I bought this rubber electronic car for my kid. He has made me regret it big time. He will not go home after school, he will rather walk a very long distance to my workplace just to collect money to go and buy a battery to put in the car when he gets home. When I tell him to wait for me to come to the house, he will give me options, saying "I will go to my friend you do not know house or I will come to your workplace", and he will instruct me to choose one, Hmmmmmmm, what a world that we are in now. I hope you also like this invention, please do not hesitate to alert me when you know where I will get one.

This invention is a recorder, you just have to put it on your eyes and it will do all the magic recording for.

A bed and solar at the same time, won't you love to have one?

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Thank you for reading.

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