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Tips On How To Avoid Mobile Phone Addiction

The invention of smartphones has over the years proven to be very helpful.  People are able to move around with their phones, work on them, socialize and do a whole lot of stuffs. But there is a saying that everything that has a good side also has a bad side and smart phones cannot be left out of this. Smartphone addiction has become the order of the day. People have now become very addicted to their phones which is going a long way to affect their well-being. Smartphone addiction is sometimes known as “nomophobia” meaning that the fear of being without a mobile phone. 

There are several reasons people get addicted to their smartphones. Internet overuse as well as the use of social media is one of the reasons. 

The issue of technology is an age growing concern that can affect the lifestyle of many people and even sometimes their mental health. People nowadays cannot stay a minute without their phones even when they are in the midst of others. It is common to see people on their phones even when they have others around them. At workplaces people are always on their phones which is not the best. It is therefore necessary to put in measures that can help reduce one’s phone addiction problems. Phone addiction can be minimized using the following tips. 

Setting limitations to phone use can be of great help as long as reducing phone addiction is concerned. Some of these limitations could be to avoid touching the phone immediately when one wakes up early from bed, avoid pressing or using phones when one is in the midst of others and at the workplace , avoid being on phone when there is something to be done. These limitations will help reduce the rate at which one gets access to their phones and in the long run prevent phone addiction. 

Aside from setting limitations, one can delete distracting applications from their phone. There are sometimes some applications that can be very distracting. In situations where those applications are not really needed, the person can delete them to avoid spending all their time on them. For instance some people can spend so much time on applications most especially that of social media including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and so on. Other applications that can distract day to day activities include game applications among so many others. It is sometimes necessary to delete such applications to avoid being distracted from work and other important routines.

Turning off notifications for applications can also be very helpful in reducing phone addiction. Sometimes one may not intend to spend so much time on the phone at the expense of work and other activities. However, a notification can pop up and the person's attention may be drawn to it, tempting the person to pick the phone and check the notification. The person is then likely to go further and in some situations remain on the phone for a longer period of time. It is therefore necessary to adopt these measures and many others in reducing phone addiction.

The effects of phone addiction vary. People lose ties with friends and families because they spend too much time on their phone. At workplaces people are always on their phones instead of working which goes a long way to affect productivity. It may not be easy to end the issue of smartphone addiction however everything starts from the mind.

By: Saeed Fridaus

Content created and supplied by: DrayB (via Opera News )



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