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Advertising Marketing

Top paying types of affiliate marketing.

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If you are looking to promote your products or services, there are a few affiliate programs you can consider. When choosing an affiliate program, you will want to keep in mind the avenues or platforms your audience spends the majority of their time, for instance, does your buyers persona typically read blog posts, scroll Facebook, or use search engines when researching new products? Those are the questions you'll have to consider for your self, let's take a look at some general types of affiliate programs so you can begin brainstorming potential avenues for your own marketing efforts.

Search affiliate

With this program, you'll have freelancers pay their own money to promote your offer on search result or other advertising platforms like Facebook. While you ensure your partner is following search and advertising guidelines, this could work in your favor if your has an SEO background.

Review sites

If you offer a product that is more expensive or niche, it's likely that most of your buyers need to conduct research on that topic before purchasing, if that's the case, it might be a good idea to research the top review sites related to your product or service, and reach out to the business writer, asking whether they'd be interested in providing an affiliate link to your product or service in the text.

Email Marketing

This is the best in small doses. You don't want any partners sending out bulk emails to customers who aren't interested in your products or services, but with proper consideration for who's receiving the email, this could be an effective method.

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