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Young Boy goes viral on the internet after CCTV camera caught him for doing this whiles in a queue

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In the olden days where there was nothing like mobile phone and more Technology, it was very easy to do something secretly without anyone getting to know about for a long period of time.

But today due to the introduction of mobile phones and sensitive technologies in the system, it will be very difficult to hide something from the people or public.

To secretly do something today is never possible due to the secret security cameras around humanity.

One of the secret security technology which can never be underrate when it comes to its performance is the CCTV camera. This camera works in a miraculous way and sometimes capture things beyond human being control.

A picture going viral and also causing traffic on the internet has to do with a young boy who is behind a curvey backside of two ladies in a queue.

In the picture the boy's 'front stick' is up. What actually caused that? I don't even know what he was watching whiles he was in the queue.

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