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Good news Browse 24 hours without data network with 4G and 5G.

A lot of browsers have been browsing for mainly achieving their goals online but the problem of areas without network connection made most users not have access to the internet at all time.

Therefore this is a guideline to help you to achieve a strong and a fast network at every location without struggling.

1. Turn on the device mobile data.

2.Turn on the airplane mode.

3. Dial *#*#4636#*#* and wait for a pop-up menu.

4. Turn on the radio band and other settings.

5. Switch data to 5G or 4G and start enjoying the fastest internet.

The aim of this note is to help reduce the cost of buying data bundle.

Therefore, put this new technique into practice and enjoy the strongest global network on your smartphone. When ever you want to browse the internet free just follow this principle.

Finally, do not forget to LIKE and share so that everyone can benefit from it.

Content created and supplied by: Gadafim (via Opera News )


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