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Do not buy expensive security cameras, use this old device for surveillance

People who stay away from their homes or offices for long periods often worry about the safety of their property and relatives left behind. This has complled scientists to invent security and spy cameras.Using security or spy cameras is sometimes expensive for low and middle income earners.

Security conscious people can use their old smartphones to replace expensive security cameras.

This is how old smartphones can be used as security cameras at homes or offices

Option 1

With aid of constant power supply, you can set your old smartphone to video and record your home or office in while away. Make sure the phone is hidden and positioned to capture the intended angle. This option does not give prompt feedback.

Option 2

You can download a third party App onto your old smartphone. The App will used to record or video your home or office. These third party technologies also help in motion detection. The disadvantage associated with this option is that Internet connectivity is required.

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