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Find out the meaning of '.com', '.org', '.net', '.gh', etc which are attached to websites addresses

The Internet is one of the fastest growing trends in the world. The internet is full of websites which information are kept.

In today's article, let us find out the meaning of some key words which are part of a website address. Every website must have a host or business upon which it is being based.

Below are some examples of website addresses.





In the above scenarios, there are various different website addresses provided above. 

The meaning of '.com' means commercial company. This is the most used domain name.

The meaning of '.org' also means organization

The meaning of '.net' also means network

And finally '.GH' is well known to be as Ghana.

These are the meaning of various ending parts of websites. It is being combined with that name of the website address and other domains to make it complete and working.

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