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Don't Enter Your Mobile Money PIN Code If You See This On Your Phone.

All of us are familiar with the various methods scammers use to rob people's mobile money thanks to education and previous lessons. Scammers, on the other hand, are constantly devising new ways to gain access to people's accounts and steal their money. Mobile money scammers are no longer relying on their tried and true methods. They've progressed technologically and altered their methods.

Scammers manually trigger your cash out without delivering scam messages and calls or using incorrect transactions. We have no way of knowing how they do it. The "mobile money approve" payment alert will display on your screen several times if this occurs.

To complete the transaction, you will need to input your pin code. Even so, be cautious and read everything on your phone's screen before entering your pin code and agreeing to the transaction.

The best course of action is to terminate the approved payment as soon as possible. Keep an eye out on your phone for various approved payment prompts. If they reappear, you might want to turn off your phone and switch it back on later. You may receive a call from the MTN office if you do not complete the approved payment. Do not rejoice since it is the scammers posing as MTN.

The con artists will claim to be from the office and inform you that you do not accept any transaction on your phone. They will also inform you that you are being robbed and that you must enter your pin code.

They will then inform you that they will contact you later. They are not calling from any MTN office, as explained in the linked article, so remain vigilant. Once they call, they will request your pin code so that they can change it for you and protect your mobile money banking. This may seem to be good news, and that's not because MTN does not change their customers' mobile money pin codes. Users of mobile money can change their settings.

Keep a close eye on them and don't give anyone your secret. To be secure, ignore their calls, turn off your phone, or call customer care for help.

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