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Common Internet Abrreviations.

Internet Abrreviations are becoming really common now-a-days. Have you ever wondered what a certain abbreviation stand for? Well below are some important abbreviations with their meanings which might be handy when chatting with friends:

B4- before

BTS- behind the scenes

DAE- does any one know

B/C- because

F2F- face to face

DYK- did yoy know

LOML- love of my life

LOL- laugh out loud

OMG- oh my God

ILY- I love you

LMAO- Laugh my a** off

TTYN- Talk to you never

FBO- Facebook official

TTYS- Talk to you soon

HMB- Hit me back

SFW- Safe work

PTFO- pass the fuck out

ASL- Age/Sex/Location

AFAIK- As far as I know

IMHO- In my humble opinion

IRL- In real life

ISO- in search of

J/K- Just kidding

L8R- Later

POV- Point of view

RBTL- Read between the lines

RT- Real time

BTW- by the way

CTN- can't talk now

CYE- Check your email

dl- download

ETA- Estimated time of arrival

FYI- For your information

XOXO- Hugs and kisses

GG- good game

GJ- good job

GL- good luck

GR8- Great

GTG- got to go

GMV- got my vote

HTH- hope this helps

OT- Off topic

PC- personal computer

pls- please

POS- parents over shoulder

ppl- people

Txt- text

BRB- be right back

B4N- bye for now

BCNU- be seeing you

BFF- best friends forever

CYA- cover your ass*

TY- thank you

w/e- what ever

W8- wait

Y- why

YNt- why not

YW- you are welcome

ZZZ- sleep

MMB- message me back

msg- mesaage

NC- No comment

noob- newbie

Hope these few acronyms will go a long way to help you. Kindly follow my page for more.

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