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5 WhatsApp tricks you didn't know about. Click to check them out.

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5 WhatsApp tricks you didn't know about.

Did you know how to find out the exact time someone read your message? Did you also know you can type your massage in italic way on WhatsApp? Keep reading to see all these amazing tricks.

It is no wonder in recent years WhatsApp has become one of the most communicable way among our daily lives. It is obvious nowadays you will see anyone using Whatsapp to chat with friends and love one's. WhatsApp is convenient, quick, and easy to use. Nowadays, people has a large WhatsApp contact list and spend hours each day to catch up with their friends, families, or plan some event.

With WhatsApp, one can communicate with a friend, relative, and many abroad without spending much money on airtime. All you need is just get your data bundle, and you are good to go.

Without wasting much time here are the WhatsApp tricks you probably didn't know about.

1. Typing your massage in bold.

If you want your chats to appear bold to you and the one you are chatting with, all you need to do is "place asterisks before and after your massage (*Hello*). Your texts will appear bold black in your charts.

2. Typing your massage in italic.

If you want to send massage in italics way, "You can type your massage by adding underscores (_Hello_). If type them in this way, your massage Wil be send in italic.

3. If you want to mute a bothering group.

If there is a group chart or a person that constantly bothering you with endless massages, you can simply mute it. To do this by, "First pick the chart you want to mute, and then click on it's name or the name of the contact on top of the screen and select mute. You will have an option whether to mute it for 8 hours, a week or even a year.

4. Controlling users who sees your profile, picture, status, and last time you were online.

" Go to settings, then click on account and select privacy and click on your own choice how you want to control your user's.

5. If you are tired of deleting unnecessary photos that you contacts massage you.

Go to settings, then select charts and turn off save incoming media.

Which of these feature did you like most? Did you know about some of them? Comment it in the comment section below, and don't forget to share, like and follow for more.

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