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INCREDIBLE: The Ancient Tribe That Crafts All Technology Devices By Using Raffle Sticks And Wood.

I call this tribe, the incredible tribe of Africa. Give me some second to brief you small about their history. This tribe that am talking about are called the Dassnech tribe. They are spread through Ethiopia, Kenja and Sudan. They are part of the Omo tribe. They just live in the north of Lake Turkana. These Dassanech tribe people are mostly in agriculture which includes the rearing of cattle to provide milk and meat and farming and fishing.

Why are the incredible tribe?

The Dassanech tribe people are customs people, and they live a very strange live. This tribe are so intelligent and very crafted regardless of technology. The amazing thing they do is that they build or craft any technological device that they will have an encounter with. They just watch it once and the next day they craft it so nicely. These make them a strange and very intelligent tribe. They build all the technological devices just with raffle sticks and woods with the help of their sharp dagger.

Now let have a look at the technological devices that they build.

They build this aeroplane and gun, not with vision but because they once had a visitor who came with the aeroplane and the gun. So they got the opportunity to know what a gun and aeroplane is so they also crafted their own.

Are looking at what am looking at? What do you think they are holding in their hands and how did they get to know about this technology device? Anyway, they are leaving in a forest which has big trees, visitors come to cut it for their work. And it happens the visitors always come with this machine used to cut big trees. So the Dassanech tribe people knowing this device, crafted it as well. Is it not amazing?

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