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The World's Quietest Room

Did you know there was such a place on earth as the " world's quietest room"? The first of such rooms was built by Microsoft in 2015  to test out sound equipment and electronic devices. It is believed that inside this room, one is able to hear his/her heartbeat and after some minutes, the flow of blood through one's body as well the grinding of the bones. The room which took two years to design has its walls, ceilings and floors covered with shaped foams_ with no hard walls in the chamber, no sound waves are reflected back, and this provides the avenue for effective testing of earmuffs and plugs, in counteracting the effects of workplace noise. As peaceful and tranquil as such a room is_ it is nearly impossible to spend even an hour there, not to talk of a day. Per records, the longest continuous time anyone has spent inside the chamber is about 55 minutes. Imagine yourself in a room where you are able to hear yourself breathing and also the sound of every movement of your body parts, that sure is going to be strange. Inside Microsoft's quiet room, measured noise level is negative decibels – to be precise, -20.3 dB. This happens to be bettered by the current quietest room on the planet according to the Guinness World Book Of Records_ the concrete bunker which has noise levels of -9.4 decibels.

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