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2 Major Problems With Electronic Payment Platforms - Check them out

In this current system, the electronic payment platforms have come to stay. The Almost all banks and financial institutions have swiftly created electronic platforms for their numerous customers. Not only does it save the precious time of people joining long queues to do their transactions but also very convenient. One can easily send or receive money, pay bills and many more at comfort of their homes without stress. Well, this system as convenient as it may seem comes with it's own challenges. However, this associated challenges can not serve as stumbling block.

Two major problems to be seriously address about the electronic payment platforms are as follows:

First, lack of education. Many people are still not familiar with the operations and processes in using these platforms. This is very common as you can meet people at the ATM who can not operate the machine. Unless, somebody guides them. Even some literates find it difficult operating the machine. Some people even forget their codes and are unable to have access to their money no matter how urgent they needed it. What about those mobile money merchants who have to operate the phones of our illiterate oldmen and old ladies?

The other very pertinent issue to look at is network failure. Sometimes, network failure causes many people stranded not being able to withdraw or send money. So even though this electronic payments system has come, to facilitate and reduce pressure and stress, let's also try to possibly do something about the prevailing situations.

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