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Internet of Things (IoT): a threat to security

Before now, the internet helped humans interact with each other with the help of computers, phones and tablets but now, interactions among inanimate objects are possible with the help of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). 

Imagine your alarm rings and your windows open with your water heater being turned on without any movement.

 You realized at work that you might have left the iron unplugged. What if you can check the status and perhaps turn it off without travelling back home? 

Then after an exhausting day at work, your door opens without the use of keys. 

This is not a fantasy but a reality. Internet of things is the mastermind behind this seamless integration. Internet of things basically is the network of physical objects connected to the internet to send, receive and exchange data. This allows multiple physical objects to interact with each other using data. 

 It's functional when any device connected to the internet sends accurate information to sensors with the help of gale waves with connection by either WiFi, Bluetooth, or any other device that provides a wireless network.

According to statistics, there were about a 23billion connected devices in 2018 and with an expected estimation of 80billion devices to be connected to internet of things(IoT) in the year 2025.

 Things like fridges, doorbells, cars, printers, CCTV cameras and any other appliances can be connected to IoT. There are also smart houses, smart cities(Barcelona) etc.

This creation is very promising since it would take much burden off humans when it comes to its full usage. Life would be very easy than anyone can ever comprehend but while this is providing convenience and less human labour, it posses a threat to privacy, jobs and an extreme extent, death. 

 A smart car will provide the shortest route possible but can stop abruptly or run into any object providing the is a potential accident that may cause death. 

While you jolly on being wherever you are but can still see what goes in and who goes in and out of your house, there is the likelihood that when you are hacked, a hacker can do whatsoever desires which will obstruct privacy. 

Human resource will be in small demand in the next few years as most of the works would be done by just automating a device.

The technology industry keeps advancing, let's wait and see what's next!

Content created and supplied by: ThelmaDukes (via Opera News )

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