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Lesson To Learn From The Viral Video Of A Girl Who "Drank Dettol" While Performing In A Challenge

Social media has grown to the extent of becoming part of our daily activities. Some people run their businesses on social media. Some make a living from social media. One good thing about social media is that you are guaranteed fun and up-to-date with current trends.

 Some people tend to imitate almost everything they see on social media. That is why people always say that social media life is fake and people should not take social media seriously where there is a trend that is going on where people are making different types of videos of one hit song, "alcohol".

 You might have come across one of these videos because it is all over social media. People are pouring different substances on their bodies, like fuel, alcohol, red oil, etc., all types of disgusting substances on their bodies in the name of making videos for a trend.

 A lady took her own life to another level by drinking detol. A few hours after she drank the detol, she ran out of breath and started suffocating. She began foaming and was almost at the point of death, though she was rushed to a hospital where she had treatment and recovered but we learnt it was acting and she faked it.

Two lessons learnt in this story:

1) Don't take everything on social media serious. There are too many people living fake lives on social media. We should not imitate everything on social media. There are people who go to hotels, take pictures, and postthem on social media. Then you start getting jealous, thinking that you are not doing well, seeing yourself as a failure. Most people on social media live a fake life.

 2) You should not participate in every challenge you see on social media because anyone can fake anything on social media.careful of what you imitate on social media.

Content created and supplied by: Auntykuma (via Opera News )


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