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VIDEO: "Boys Abr3" Guy Captured Busily Drinking Alcohol Behind A "Garbage Truck" In Broad Daylight

Nowadays social media has indeed provided us with updates of events globally. It's obvious when we often take our portable digital devices especially our mobile phones, we normally see all kinds of trending acts online. Moreover, as the saying goes "Behind everything-there is the good side and bad", we obviously tend to see various kinds of acts which are either profitable or deleterious when surfing the internet with our devices.

In view of this, today whiles surfing the internet to see the current trending acts online, I came across a video which disclosed an unidentified man who was sitting behind a garbage truck and was busily drinking alcohol.

Checking the video very well, it was obvious this unidentified man was indeed 'high' due to excessive drinking, and as such was comfortably sitting behind the garbage truck drinking his alcohol.

You can also watch the video by using the link below:

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Broad Daylight


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