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Funny Twitter Reactions to pictures

This Toilet Piano Lets You Create Music While You Take a Dump

There is only one thing worse than being behind someone in line at Subway that orders more than one sandwich, and that is when you forget to bring your phone into the toilet when you need to take a dump. Sure, you can clean out your wallet, look at shampoo bottle labels, or just sit alone with your gloomy dark thoughts. But that’s no fun, is it? Here’s a solution: the Potty Piano is an electronic keyboard that sits on the floor and wraps around the toilet and allows you to play it with your feet while pooping.

Dad’s Ravioli? Nah. Grandma’s Gnocchi? Nope…

Dream Big

How Dare She?!

Another Failed Prediction by Bill Gates


We Have All Been There…

Tinder Dates (Choose Two)

Funny Smelling Spray

The Funniest Twitter Reactions To iPhone 13

Apple users are buzzing this week because of the Apple event where the iPhone 13 was introduced. However, it was met with great disappointment as people couldn’t see why they should invest in the new phone which looked exactly the same as the previous model. But the bright side is that the internet has done its thing and we have the most entertaining memes poking fun at this release.

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Gnocchi Nah Potty Piano Ravioli


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