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CAUTION: Things That Can Make Your Smartphone Battery Explode

Smartphones have become very important these days not just because they have improved phone calls and messaging but it has come to help in a lot of activities ranging from business, academics, socialization, entertainment and much more. With smart phones people are able to do a lot. One thing most people check out for when going in for a smartphone is the battery. People look at how good the battery health is.

This has become very important as low battery health can cause phones to keep shutting down or in extreme cases make the device unreliable and unusable. Batteries are therefore very important when talking about smartphones. Despite the importance, smartphone batteries can be very dangerous when care is not taken.

A smartphone battery can explode under certain circumstances causing damage and harm to people. Even though smartphone batteries have been designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily life with several protection built in to prevent overcharging, overheating and untoward happenings, there are still instances where smartphone batteries explode due to some activities of smartphone users.

One of such activities is covering your phone while charging it and using it for heavy tasks as well. It is not advisable to cover your phones or put them in between your pillows while charging it. This can be very disastrous because the heat generated while charging most smartphones is high and covering the phone or charging it in a close area can prevent the heat from disappearing.

This can cause the phone to get overly heated and may end up exploding. Also performing heavy tasks while charging can also be dangerous especially for smartphones whose inbuilt thermal lock does not kick in. When the inbuilt thermal of the smartphone does not kick in, the temperature within the phone can be too much which may cause an explosion. 

Another thing to be cautious of is the rate at which one drops their smartphones. Repeated dripping of smartphones can be dangerous. Dropping it can cause issues with the internals of the battery. Aside that, charging smartphones can cause the chemical composition of the battery to change overtime.

This can sometimes make the battery swell and bulge. When this happens, it is advisable to replace the battery with a new one to avoid problems. Some people may try to fix it on their own by puncturing the battery to reduce the swelling, this can cause it to catch fire. It is therefore necessary to change the battery at the right and authorized center when the battery swells.

It is therefore very important to check our activities with our smartphones so we do not end up with any issues. Phone batteries do not need to be left at very heated places. Too much heat can cause the phone to explode. 

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