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Man Finds Mysterious Creature At His Doorstep.

As he walked into his house last night, a man was taken surprised when he saw something he'd never seen before.

The weird, unusual creature has a serpentine or scorpion-like tail and a huge spider-like upper body.

The mysterious beast always leaps on eight or more legs.

The witness was taken aback when he told one of the administrators of a well-known Facebook band that he should post a picture of the creature because he may be confused as to whether he is a spider, scorpion, or anything else.

Any party members suggested it could be a baby snake trying to eat a worm. Someone else claimed it was a water spider.

Some users advised him to pray for it because it may not be a normal creature.

But, in your view, is this a worm, a scorpion, or anything else other than the two creatures described above?

Below are the comments people gave on the issue. You can pass your comment by commenting in the comments box below.

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