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Samsung's First Transparent Phone is Out. Watch video.

Have you ever wondered that there will come a time in our world where our very mobile phones will look just like glass slabs or transparent?

After a Taiwanese firm called Polytron Technologies' transparent phone hit the world in 2013, it showed a basic problem of how to house a battery, sim card, camera, sd card among others components in a transparent phone.

What the phone produced by Polytron Technologies looked like.

These phones though had a fully transparent display, However, some components were visible.

This groundbreaking technology set all smartphones manufacturing giants into a race on developing a technology which will make it possible for a phone to be completely transparent.

In January 2020, Samsung Electronics inc. filed a patent with the US patent and trademark office which was published on the 27 of August 2020.

The patent described the technology needed to produce transparent smartphones.

The technology could also make TV's, game consoles, laptops among others gadgets transparent.

The bases for this technology is the OLED (organic light emitting diode) display which is characterized by low power consumption, high brightness and a faster response time.

The patent also indicates that the screen can bend and also roll.

As a result of this race to develop a completely transparent phone, many companies are pushing technology to the limits to make this innovative a reality.

Watch video here -

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