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Opera news hub is the best and genuine way to make money online.

I was searching on the internet looking for an information on how to make money for writing an article. I found operanews hub. So I developed interest in it after reading through a certain article. I decided to give it a try. I downloaded the opera news hub application on my phone. Then i registered as a content creator. Having the zeal of writing and making money, I tried writing but my account was pending approval. I was worried. Because, I needed to make money fast. When my account was approved, I wrote my first article and it was rejected.

It has not been easy writing articles with opera. In fact the time I spent to do reach and the typing alone is a stress. Sometimes, I do my hard work by searching for information and typing them on the computer, expecting the my article would be accepted. Only to publish and it is rejected on certain reasons. But having written a number of accepted articles, I'm happy that I'm making some few coins that I'm hoping will change my life.

I started writing for about a month now and have made quite a good sums of money. I have been able to publish thirty eight articles since I started. This is adding to my thirty ninth article.

There was a particular article which I wrote and it was rejected.

This article was about the advertisement of money rituals on our television network. I spent much time to research into this topic that I was very confident that I will be getting more clicks on this particular article. But to disappointment, it was rejected because it was deemed advertisement. I was distracted.

I nearly gave up. But my hopes bounced back when I read about the top earners of the month of March. I was happy and felt like I was part of those taking a prize home. I just imagine if I was given I prize of Ghs 2,000, what I would have used it for. So hoped and dream of becoming the best earner of the month. I think that package is a good motivation for us and should not be withdrawn. This has been my target and I'm hoping to achieve it. If others have made it, I can also make it.

It has been a hard journey so far but i believe with hard work and determination I would get what I want.

Opera have taught me to read hard. I have also learned a lot through the researches have done in order to prepare a well organized article which would not be rejected.

At this point, I would want to take a little time to encourage my friends who have just started writing and their articles are being rejected not to give up. But to learn more about the rules of writing on opera so that it would help them to comply and their articles would be published for them. The journey is hard but perseverance and obedience would make it easy. Do not look at the money you would be earning as a beginner, look at what the previous earners have earn to motivate yourself.

I therefore would like to thank opera for helping us to also make a living. Not only that but also for helping this generation of ours how to write.

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