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Kantamanto Boy Gets Applauded For Using These Local Materials To Make Awesome Design

Ghanaians have been taken for granted for so long and it is high time we made it clear to people within the borders of this nation and people outside ( foreigners) that we are also practically blessed.

Some people have the notion that we are mostly endowed when it comes to learning and answering questions. But things like this proves that we are practically endowed than to learn without producing anything.

Facebook fans have reacted to one young boy at Katamanto, who designed a shirt with local materials and he didn't even spend up to five minutes before he finished the design. Below are the things or material he used and how he make the design.

He used rubber bands, white T-shirt and watered colours. He folded the t-shirt with the rubber bands in a circular manner. After that he poured three different colors on the folded shirt.

After that, he opened or untie the folded to shirt and that was the design he made. He then placed the design shirt in the open to be dried.

The designed shirt did not even take up to five minutes of the boy's time and from the things he used he won't even spend up to ¢10. This shows how skillful and gifted Ghanaians are.

He got several praises from Facebook fans . Below are the things Facebook fans said.

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