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Internet Fraudsters Have Taken A New Strategy Making Family Members Fight Amoug Themselves

Ghana is now becoming unsafe for economic activities. Everyday comes with it's own story. Internet fraud has become the order of the day, fraudsters cheating and deceving innocent people. Almost everyday they device a new strategy to steal from innocent Ghanaian through mobile money. As if what they used to do isn't enough, now they make family turn against each other just for their selfish interest. It has just been discovered that, fraudsters now have an application that trap families and monitor their movement. With this, they are able to know when to operate and how to go by it.

That notwithstanding, they have introduce a new game faking to be MTN or Vodafone, and once you fall a victim of this game it leads to your downfall. Because this game is such that once you start to play it you wouldn't want to stop till you hit the target amount set for it. Along the way you will be told that you have run out of data so buy from Momo to continue. This is a smart way to get your pin code. Once they get to know the code, they then transfer the money into a known account within the household. Note; the person to whom the money is being transferred to will not get an SMS. 


It doesn't stop there, that account too will be monitored closely, and when he or she mistakenly send momo or buy airtime or bundle using momo they will get hold of the person's pin code too and then secretly withdraw the money without even a notification. You would only notice the transaction made if you try checking your account balance. By then it would have been too late. Their aim is to leave the two family members fight amoug themselves. With this new strategy, nobody would even suspect it to be a fraud, because once you call MTN or Vodafone Office they will only tell you the name of the person who did the transaction. Because they don't also know that it is a new strategy used by fraudsters.

I have been a victim of this several times, which is why I see it important to share with you. Because anyone who's not aware of this new strategy will fight innocent family members thinking they actually did it.The only way victims can stop this is to change their pin code and always check your balance from time to time. Please share and let's educate people on this new development.

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