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Use of Mobile Phones; A Necessary Devil.

The advent of mobile phone seem to pose negativity on students lifestyle.

A question of " is technology a blessing or an avenue to distract students?" is inevitable as most students watch unhealthy videos on their smart phones. It is no news that some students now engage in all sorts of promiscuous activities, and this can be attributed to exposure to pornographic materials on the Internet.

Meanwhile, the fact that students can obtain educative materials on their phones to enhance their learning can not be disregarded.

Should students below 18 years of age be banned from using smart phones?

Perhaps, teachers can take the initiative to educate students on the positive things they can use their mobile phones for.

Owing to the benefits of mobile phones, it is will be unnecessary to cut students from its use. However, an age limit can be set by parents and and teachers for students eligibility to use mobile phones at home and school.

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