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(Video) Busted: Slay Queen Who Wanted To Show Off With A Friend's iPhone Gets Humiliated

Nowadays, the rate at which some people are moved by unnecessary pressure from their colleagues can be really unbearable. Some people go to the extent of borrowing items such as iPhones, cars, expensive watches, sneakers, bags, heels, even houses from other people just to show off. The way things are moving these days, a lot of people especially the youth are falling victims to these pressures from their colleagues. All they intend to do is to make their friends know that they are also of a higher class. In the end, all these are not neccessary. We all know how it feels sometimes seeing a friend or almost all your friends using iPhones while you use other android phones. Sometimes, due to how you have made your friends perceive you to be, they would eventually be questioning you on why you do not use an iPhone just like they do. We should learn to be content with the little things we have. Don't live your life to please anyone, just be real.

There is this video making waves on social media. In the video, two slay queens can be seen holding the latest version of iPhone and taking videos in front of a mirror. If you have studied iPhone users especially the new ones for a while, you would realize that they love to stand in front of most especially washroom or bathroom mirrors and be taking pictures and videos. One of the slay queens in the video received the embarrassment of her life after the owner of the phone she was excitedly using to take the video out of nowhere came to "snatch" the phone from her hand. She was really humiliated. Even though she was embarrassed, she pretended as if nothing had happened and went close to the other lady standing in front of her in order to be featured in the video the lady was taking.

You can watch the video by clicking on the link below;

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