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7 Apps for International Friends

There are a lot of reasons why having International friends is a necessity,from information about scholarships and news about opportunities are some of the benefits you can receive from international friends. The following apps below are available on play store or appstore and will introduce you to some wonderful international friends.


Bottled is an app on playstore that introduces you to friends all over the world by writing messages in a bottle and throwing it into the sea.Countries that the bottle sail to are random hence you could make friends all over the world .Users(sailors) that keeps your bottle becomes your friend and becomes available for messaging.


Interpals is an app to make new friends globally,practice languages with native speakers and meet travellers.The app is 23years old and one of the best apps to make international friends.


Airtripp is an app that lets you connect with friends globally.It uses SNS(Social Network Service)to connect users globally through photo sharing.Airtripp lets you look for posts by searching the country name and it is one of the best apps for making friends internationally.


Purp allows you to make new friends globally by adding them via Snapchat .Increase your story view's,start streaks and make global friends with purp.

Some other apps are:




These apps are among the few best app to help you make friends globally .

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Airtripp International Interpals


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