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How to verify if details on your Ghana Card are correct

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Most of the people in the country have one of the Ghana Card. Those who don't have the Card will be getting theirs soon because the registration of the Ghana Card is about to start again, after the management of National Identification Authority put a stop to it amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The registration will commence in June, 2021. But some of the people in the country who have one of the Card are wondering if all their information provided during the mass registration were correctly entered. And it is important for everyone to know all the informations on their Ghana Card because a time will come it will be used for everything. The people of Ghana need to worry no more because one can verify all the details on the Ghana Card on his or her smartphone and check if it is correct.

Below are the steps one can follow to verify the details on the Ghana Card if he or she is having a smartphone with Near Field Communication (NFC) feature.

1. Go to App Store (for IOS) Apple phone owners. Or the Google Play Store for Android phone users.

2. Download the ReadID NFC Application for Android or iOS.

3. Enable NFC function after you download.

4. Click on “Get Started” and the next screen will ask “what kind of document do you want to use” here select ID CARD or PASSPORT

5. Use your phone camera to read the Passport MRZ at the back of your card (its the characters at the bottom of the back of your card) and keep it in focus until it fills the window. It turns green when the Card Access Number (CAN) has been extracted.

6. Place your Ghanacard on the NFC zone of your phone and move slowly till it starts to read. All the e-passport details on your Ghana Card will show on your phone.

When this happened, you have successfully verified the details of your Ghana Card.

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