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How To Make Your Old Phone Work With Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers way back were like stories from the Sci-Fi movies. Now, they are in existence and most technology lovers are ditching their old phones for new ones so that they can use wireless chargers.

Sometimes, you really don't have to ditch the old phone. All you have to do is to make it compatible with the wireless charger. How do you do that? I have explained below.

Since the old phones were not made in the Wireless charger era, the mechanism that allows the phone to receive the electric energy wirelessly was not installed. Now, you can buy and install yourself.

Universal Wireless Charge Receiver

Since the receiver was not preinstalled in the older phones, all you have to do is purchase a wireless receiver and install it. It is not anything difficult, you won't have to open your phone before installing.

You can just go to any online store and search "Universal Wireless Charge Receiver". There are lots of them out there. You can get one for earlier iPhones, USB Type A or B, and USB Type C as well. Check the image below to see which type of charging port your phone is using before you buy.

As you can see it comes for every type of phone charging port. It is very easy to install. Just plug the charger pin into your phone's charging port and stick the flat panel to the back of your phone. It is so flat that you can still put on a phone cover if you want to. Check the image below for reference.

You don't have to remove the receiver after charging your phone. You can leave it on the phone forever and it won't cause any problem.

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