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How to Update Your SSNIT Email Without Visiting any SSNIT office with Proof

There was a recent information from the management of SSNIT to all its members regarding the process by which they could receive their statements of account. If you have not read that information yet, please click HERE to read. According to the information, every member who have not received their statement this February must visit the nearest office to update their information. There was also a notice of the phone numbers and email address that can be contacted in case one needs to contact the office without visiting it.

We have tracked how to update your email address and receive a positive reply from SSNIT without visiting their office. Watch as we pass you through the process with proofs.

Taking a look at the original notice, you would realise that SSNIT has provided an email by which they can be contacted. So, how do we use this information?

With this information, you can log in to your email and click on compose to start composing a message.

You would see a page opened in this manner, especially if you are using a gmail account. It works with all email providers, anyway. So, what do we do next?

We have provided a sample of what you would provide in the fields above. Fill those spaces with your own information, and Click SEND, when you are done.

In a few days, you would receive feedback in this form telling you that your information has been updated.

We hope this information is of great help to you as it would help save a lot of transportation fees.

Please click HERE to read the earlier information if you have not read it yet.

We would give an update on how to access your SSNIT account statement soon, so FOLLOW us for more.


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