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Grammatical Errors We Usually Make.

With English language being our official language, a lot of us barely notice the differences between certain words when we speak. The real difficulty sets in when we're writing official letters and office work. The use of the wrong word could be very serious when you're applying for a job. With the use of social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, we rarely use the right words because most of us use shorthand. Here are some common words that are used interchangeably and their meanings.

1. "It's and Its". "Its" indicates possession. It means to have something- ownership and belonging. "It's" is a contracted of it is. 

Examples. It's the dog that ate the hen. At its last meeting, the SU elected a new leader.

2. "Alot and A lot". Well just in case you didn't know, there's nothing like "Alot" in English Language. The right thing is "A lot" which means many or a very large quantity.

Example. I've to a lot of stuff to do.

3. "Advice and Advise". These two words are mostly wrongly used interchangeably. Even know they've different meanings and belong to different parts of speech, they've a relationship in their usage. "Advise" is a verb which means to recommend or give a piece of information to someone that'll serve as a guide. "Advice" is a noun which is a recommendation or piece of information given to someone to serve as a guide.

4. "I'm and Am". This pair is the wrongly used words on social media most especially. It has become a great challenge for a lot of people. I'm is a contracted form of "I am". It's used as a helping verb.

Example: I'm interested in buying the chocolate factory.

5. "Been and Being". These are very tricky wurds because they're both nouns. Been is the past participle of the word "be" and it's normally used after "have", "has" and "had". On the other hand, "Being" is a present participle of "be". It means it needs to be used to show an article that'll happen for a certain period. 

Examples. It has been a tough week. My greatest moment is being at Anfield.

I hope this article serves as a good guide. Kindly feel free to comment on my article. Don't forget to share with friends and family. Mask up and observe all Covid 19 protocols.

Content created and supplied by: Mandeiya (via Opera News )

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