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Stop doing this to your laptop. It can damage the battery

Most laptops these days have inbuilt batteries which makes it hard for users to change them when it get spoilt. Laptops are portable computers which can be carried anywhere and at any anytime.

In today's article, let us find out ways we can make our computer or laptop batteries last longer and also be in good shape.

One should stop doing these to the laptop to avoid damage to the battery.

#1. Avoid using the laptop while on charge.

Laptops are made for entertainment and learning purposes. Gaming with your laptop while on charge is not advisable. Playing games drain a lot of power from the battery and gives much work to the CPU of the computer. The drains more battery power. At the same time, you have placed this same Laptop on charge. This gives more pressure on the battery since it is responding to several outlets. The best way to do this is to either play or use the computer when not on charge or remove the battery from the laptop and connect the charger to the laptop. This will still work and no problem will affect the computer battery.

#2. Avoid using a different charger to charge your laptop.

Every computer laptop has its own preferred charger. Using other chargers to charge the laptop may damage the battery. This is because, the flow of power to the computer may be low or high for the laptop, causing damages to the computer battery.

#3. Avoid too much charging of the computer. 

The laptop cannot work without charging it. But charging it for a long time will surely get problems for the battery. Most people leave it on charge from evening till the next morning. This makes the battery very weak and sometimes swollen.

#4. Reduce screen brightness of the computer to a standard level.

Too much brightness affect the eye. This also drains more power from the laptop battery and this weakens the battery. It is advisable to keep it in an auto mode and avoid putting your laptops on sleeping mode.

#5. Avoid connecting a lot of peripherals such as chargers(USB cords) to the PC.

The maximum should be two cables at a time connected to the computer. Too many cables connected to the laptop drains a lot of power from the battery.

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